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Moving Services

Moving Services

The term "moving services" is a very broad and all-inclusive term reflecting the moving industry, really. Moving services could be defined as simply the movers who actually load, unload and transport your goods from one destination to another. Moving services could include rental trucks that you load, unload and drive yourself from one destination to another. Moving services could be representative of a company that coordinates a corporate move and contracts a moving company to move an employee and his or her family that is being transferred to a new destination at another branch of the company. It could also include people who contract independently just to pack your home or load or unload your goods at your departure destination or at your arrival destination. And, moving services could potentially include storage units or portable storage units for rent that can be moved for you by the company. One such company that does this is PODS, which stands for Portable On Demand Storage.

Regardless of what type of moving services you are in need of, it is of the utmost importance that you contact more than one company; obtain written estimates – also referred to as binding agreements that BIND professional moving companies to adhere to their original quote; make sure you have someone physically come to your home to look around at your things to give you an accurate estimate; and never, ever, ever commit to an online quote or pay an online mover in advance for a move.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have been burned by moving companies that gave them estimates online or over the phone. It is okay for a preliminary estimate but they should be local and they MUST send a representative from their company to give you a legal and binding estimate! Otherwise, the moving service you have "contracted" with may really take you for the ride of your life!

There are multiple moving services and moving companies that "hook" potential customers via the Internet with an estimate that may not be the lowest, but pretty comparable. And, they may entice the customer with an earlier or "guaranteed" delivery time. Then, once the moving service has your items, they may claim it is going to require thousands of dollars more than the non-binding estimate they gave you over the Internet or the phone; the moving service may "lose" your items and you may never find your possessions. Therefore, it is worth investigating ALL types of moving services prior to committing to one form or another.

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