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Types of Car Shipping

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Types of Car Shipping

There are numerous car shipping companies that especially cater to the needs of people who wish to transport their vehicle from one place to another either inside US or other foreign companies. People have to get their car transported either because they are shifting base or have been transferred to a different country or city. Auto transport companies use large vehicles to transport them to their new location. The trailers are loaded with cars collected from various consumers and are delivered to their new location one after the other.

Since the number of auto transport companies are growing with every passing day so it may be a challenging job to zero in on a particular company to transport your vehicle. Well, the charges of transporting a vehicle with the help of trailers vary from company to company and it is totally dependent on you on the type of service that you would like to take. It is very important that you do your part of the research to find out the auto transport company that would be the cheapest yet the most reliable. Easier said than done; this is because you have to look into the minute details of the services being provided by the companies.

Basically there are two types of auto transport or car shipping services and they are as follows: a) Closed Shipping b) Open Shipping. Let us look at the two services to find which would be suitable according to your needs and budget.

Closed Shipping: Closed car transport or closed shipping is a method in which your car is transported in boxed trailers. The boxed trailers are best sited for the people who are more than worried about the safety of their vehicles. The cars are placed in closed containers atop the trailers and are transported to their destinations. This protects the car from getting exposed to natural elements like heat, rain, wind and remains protected inside the box. The cost of this service is more than the open carriers and you do not only pay for the transit but also for the extra protection that is provided to your vehicle.

Open Shipping: In open shipping the vehicles are placed atop the trailers without enclosing the vehicles within a box. Here the vehicle gets exposed to the ferocious natural elements like sunlight, rain and heat. Since there is no extra protection being given to the car, so the cost for such a mode of car transport is cheaper. Most of the companies that provide auto shipping provide this serviced and only a few provide the closed car shipping.

The shipping of vehicles is a job that involves a lot of risks like road accidents and other natural calamities. Hence it is imperative that you get an insurance of your car before packing it off on a trailer. Most of the car transport companies provide the insurance to cars that are being shipped and this is something that you should look into before deciding on the car moving company. Auto shipping is the most hassle free transport service available in the market.

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