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Placing a Value on your Shipment

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Placing a Value on your Shipment

Take Out an Insurance Cover

Placing a value on your shipment is essential when shipping your items to another state or just across the neighborhood. This is because doing so will help you save on large sums of money and time during your upcoming shipment. The first thing that you will need to do in order to place a value on your shipment is to take out an insurance cover for your items. There are wide varieties of insurance covers that are issued by shipping companies.

Types of Covers

Some of these include basic carrier liability insurance, declared value protection insurance, full value protection and extraordinary value items insurance. The type of coverage offered by these forms of insurance covers is largely dependent on various factors including the value of the items to be insured, the needs of the client and the nature of the goods that are to be shipped.

Get In Touch with Your Shipping Company

In order for you to place a value on your shipment, consider getting in touch with your shipping company as this will enable their agents to assess the best type of insurance for your upcoming shipment.

Obtain Different Quotes

You will also need to obtain different quotes from different shipment companies in your area. Quotes are important as they make it possible for you to find the exact type of shipping service for your upcoming shipment. However, as you do so you will have to understand that some companies may require you to furnish them with details such as your approximate date of departure, any special needs that you may require during the actual shipment, the types of items that you will be transporting and also the exact type of service that you will need from the shipping company before they can supply you with such quotes.

Be Aware of the Price

In order to place a value on your shipment, you will need to be aware of the price that is charged by the shipping company when entering into a shipping contract. Different shipping companies charge different prices for the shipping services that they provide. Since you would not want to be caught unawares on the day of shipping, consider asking the shipping companies or even their brokers for a price list before you pack up and load your items on the shipping truck.

Confirm the Shipping Arrangement

You will need to confirm your shipping arrangement with the shipping company prior to the actual day of shipping. Most shippers make the mistake of waiting until the actual date of shipping in order to confirm their shipping arrangements with the shipping company. They forget that this can be costly especially when there is a change of plan by either the company or even by themselves.

Mail or Phone

To avoid this, always ensure that you contact the shipping company either by mail or phone several days before the actual shipment in order to ensure that everything is ok.

Label All your Items

Before you leave your home for a new location on the shipment day, ensure that all your items are labeled and packed safely in boxes. If you have sensitive items such as glasses and antiques, ensure that these are wrapped safely in a box and an inventory taken prior to the actual date of shipping. Also remember to put away all items that you will not need on the shipment day.

This will not only place value on your shipment, it will also save you on extra cost that you might be required to pay by a shipping company that bases its charges on the total weight of the items to be shipped.

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