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Moving Day

Moving Day

Start early

You should set your alarm early since it is the day that has been planned for a long time. You should get plenty of sleep and get ready for the final tasks before the move. Get a baby sitter for your kids during the loading and unloading process to keep them away. Also keep any pets away as you are working to avoid distractions.

Make a confirmation

A thorough check should be made to ensure that nothing is left out. You should make a review of the paper work and details when the moving van operator arrives. You should accompany the driver as he inspects all the furniture with identification tags and provide him with your contact and directions of your new home. The identification tags along with a detailed description of your goods at the time of loading should appear on the inventory. It is your responsibility to see all the goods are loaded and you should take pictures if necessary of all the goods.

Do last minute cleaning

While packing the last remaining items such as beddings and towels, you should make a thorough cleaning of the whole house. This will ensure than every item however how small or hidden it might be will not be left behind.

Be present

You should be present while the moving company tags your items to ensure that everything is marked properly and incase the movers have any questions, you should be in a position to answer them. You will also be required to sign the bill of landing which describes the state or condition your items are in. It helps to confirm each item before it leaves the house.

Give your address

Be sure to give your new contact information to your landlord or the new tenants so that they can forward any stray mail, also remembering to hand over the keys, alarm codes and garage door remote. You should also provide the new phone number where you can be reached while the shipment is in transit, making sure that you include the movers name, address and telephone number.

Lock up

You should leave all the doors locked and make sure you disconnect all the utilities and switch off all the lights. Search throughout the house to ensure that there is no item that is left out including any pets or plants that you may be having.

Work with the mover

You should avail yourself when the van is being loaded and unloaded for instructions on where to place your furniture. If you cannot be at your home, be sure to authorize a representative to accept delivery and pay the charges on your behalf. Your representative will be asked to note any charges in the condition of your goods noted on the inventory at the time of loading and note any missing items at the time of delivery.

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