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Move your Plants

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Move your Plants

Plan and Start early

You should start planning about 2-3 weeks prior to the moving day. You should place the plants in plastic containers well in advance and place them in large boxes. Pruning should be done in order for the plant to fit into the box. Before moving, she plants should also be sprayed with insecticides and should be watered adequately.

Consider the location

A thorough check of the prevailing climatic conditions of the place you are moving to should be done in order to confirm the humidity and temperature. Also you should also contact the local agricultural authority in order to get any special permission or the requirements that you are to have in order to move in with your plants. Also you should ask about the soils in your new area and if they are able to support your plants.

Avoid extreme temperatures

While moving you plants, you should make sure that they are given enough air and cool temperatures in order to prevent them from drying. In order to prevent your plants from extreme temperatures, they should be insulated by covering their root balls with many layers of dry newspapers. Also you should couch the leaves with wet paper several times to keep them moist during the move.

Pack the plants

Plants should be placed in non breakable plastic pots which should then be packed in boxes which are clearly labeled, making them easier to load. Holes should be pocked on the boxes in order to allow fresh air to reach the plants. Large plants should be wrapped with sheets to avoid the branches from breaking. If the journey will take some days, several stops should be made to allow the plants to get water and sunlight.

Unpack the plants upon arrival

You should unpack the plants as soon as you reach your destination, holding the plant from the bottom to prevent breaking the stem. The polythene bags that the plants were place in should be removed and the plants should be placed in their original containers if any. The plants should not be placed in new soil immediately since it might be different from the previous soil and it might be lacking in some important nutrients for the plants, hence might lead to its drying up.

Take great care and responsibility

Great care should be accorded to plants while moving them by car since they are delicate and can easily break. You should handle the plants yourself and not leave it to the movers since you are the one who knows about their watering and need for sunlight. You should inquire from the mover if the company has any rules on plants since some movers will not cover plants since they are fragile and delicate, with some not allowing any plants in their tracks.

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