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Long Distance Moving

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Long Distance Moving

Moving means relocation of a household or an organisation. If the move is done across a distance less than 100 miles, then it is known as a local move and if it is done across a distance that is greater than 100 miles across cities in different states in the same country, it is called as a long distance move. Even a move across countries in the same continent is a long distance move.

Long distance moving, like any other move, requires proper planning, well in advance. A long distance move involves winding up the old household, paying off any bills, loans and dues and informing the credit card and insurance companies, friends and family.

As in normal moving, long distance moving also involves packing of things and transporting it to the new home. This however is not an easy task. Normally, the things have to be shipped to the new location in the event of crossing a boundary. However, if it is within the country, the services of long distance movers can be availed of.

Moreover, in case there are heavy items like pianos, bureaus, antiquities, beds and other bulky furniture to be carried, it is better to hire long distance movers. They promptly pick up the goods from your house and deliver it in your new home. Some service providers even allow the storage of goods in transit for some days, until the family is settled in the new location.

A long distance move may prove to be cheaper than you think, provided you know how to go about it. The most important aspect is the number of items you are transporting to the new location. The cost is also directly proportional to the distance of relocation. Extra amount will be charged for packing and unpacking, special care for belongings, etc. In case the movers have to hire a shuttle for transporting stuff from the truck to your house, extra money will be charged for this. However, ten day insurance will be provided for the articles by the mover so that any damage can be reclaimed.

Cost of moving can also be reduced by reducing the number of things that are being carried. In case of hiring a truck, there may be liberal amounts of waste space or a shortage of space which will cost you more. Hence, an ABF U-pack packing service is the best mode of transportation for your belongings. You will pay an amount only for the number of cubicles that are being used by you and you will pay only for what you will use. There will be a lot of free space available and you can save loads of money.

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During your long distance moving, ensure that you have done the following:

1. Keep track of the expenses that may have to be incurred while moving and ensure that you have cleared all debts and bills if any and passed on information to family, friends, insurance and credit card companies. Also ensure that children are enrolled in a school close by.

2. While moving, order for supplies like packing boxes, tapes and stuff for packing your belongings and loading them onto the transportation service.

3. Pare down your house. Dispose unwanted things or bulky things that may not be of any use to you. Carry plants personally in the car or dispose them off. You may even conduct a backyard auction to dispose of unwanted junk from your house, raise some money and get a tax reduction too!

4. Take inventory of things that you have and carry belongings like jewels, collections, money, important certificates and title deeds, disks with back up of important information, wills, etc.

5. While travelling, carry necessities like paper, scissors, food, disposable plastic cutlery and the like to live on for a few days until you are settled in your new home.

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