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Insurance Companies

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Insurance Companies

Shop around and buy from the internet.

It is important to shop around from different car insurance companies to get the lowest insurance quotations. Big savings on your insurance premiums can be acquired through shopping around in thee internet. It is also good to buy your insurance through the internet since some companies offer discounts for internet shoppers as they view this as saving them from extra costs like hiring of personnel at the insurance company offices and also the price of office equipments.

Do not inflate the value of the car

An increase in the premiums to be paid can be attributed to inflating the value of the car. It is important not to inflate the value of the car since in the event your car is stolen or damaged; only the market value of the car at the time of the accident will be paid.

Insure third party only

Insuring third party only is the minimum cover that one is required to have by law and also the cheapest. In order to get large savings, you may choose to insure third party only however you need to know that in this cover if you are to be involved in any accident, your car will not be covered for repair.

Improve your car security

Theft of and also from your vehicle is an important consideration that insurance companies use in order to calculate your insurance price. Most insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles having better security measures such as tracker devices, alarms and immobilizers. Some insurance companies may even require installation of these devices before high value cars are insured.

Maintain a good credit rating and clean record

Many insurance companies are now adopting credit scoring techniques as part of the estimation of your car insurance premiums hence by keeping a good credit history you may avoid any additional premiums for having a bad credit score and maybe get a discount from some insurance companies. It is also important to keep a clean driving record in order to avoid being penalized through additional insurance premiums that will be as a result of your conviction.

Buy a lower group car

The type of vehicle you have is an important factor that insurance companies use while calculating your insurance premiums. Generally the higher the group rating of your car, the higher the insurance premium that you are required to pay. Some insurance companies combine the car group with your driving experience to find out haw risky it is, hence young drivers with high group cars will attract more insurance premiums.

Pay you premiums at a go

Paying your car insurance all in one go can avoid the payment of additional interest charges that would be added if you opt to pay in installments. Since the interest charges can be large, it is important that you pay all at once since some insurance companies even give discounts for doing so.

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