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Getting Information from Your Mover

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Getting Information from Your Mover

Payment Method

Getting information from your mover is critical if your upcoming move is to be successful and free from the hassles that are usually associated with moving. There are specific details that you will require from your mover before the actual date of moving. One of these is the payment method that the moving company offers to its client.

Different moving companies use different payment methods for the services that they render to clients. While others may require payment in advance, others only receive payment through checks or cash transfers. In order not to be caught unaware by this, consider seeking such information from your mover before packing up in readiness for the move.

Email and Call

To do this, you should consider giving the moving companies or their brokers a call. Alternatively, you could send them an email and ask them to supply you with such facts before the scheduled day of moving.

Insurance Covers

You will need to ask whether the moving companies offer insurance covers for the items that are entrusted with them during a moving process. Most people make the mistake of believing that the moving companies will assume liability for the goods that they will be moving. They forget that some companies require the client to have personal insurance covers for their items.

Therefore, in order to clear the confusion about this, consider asking the moving company whether they will offer you with insurance beforehand.

Type of Cover that is Offered

Besides knowing whether the moving company offers insurance for its goods, it will also be important for you to know the exact type of insurance cover that it offers to its clients. Different moving companies offer different forms of insurance covers to their clients. While some grant value protection replacement covers that allow client to be reimbursed for the full value of their items that are lost, destroyed or lost during transit, others offer released value protection covers that are based on the weight of the articles to be moved.

Having this information with you before the actual day of moving will keep you prepared.

Pick Up and Delivery Dates

You will also need to find out the pick up and delivery dates from the insurance company prior to the day of moving. Knowing this will enable you to prepare your items in time thus prevent you from being caught unaware on the date of moving. While asking for this information, also consider finding out whether the movers have a time option that covers for unforeseen delays.


You will also need to find out whether the moving companies hire agents. Since some companies hire salesmen who will more likely be driven by the need to make more money based on the number of sales that they make for the moving companies, you should consider finding out whether the exact moving company whose services you seek to hire works with professional agents before moving out.

This will help you make sure that you get only the best moving services during your upcoming move.

Household Moving Inventory

The other information that you need to acquire from the mover is whether it prepares a household moving inventory for its move. A professional company should be able to do so as this represents professionalism.

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