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Connect Your Utilities

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Connect Your Utilities

Before moving out, it wise to visit the new home to assess the situation – this will help you know the utilities that need to be connected, those that need a change of ownership, etc. If it is not a new house, you should consider continuing with the services of the utility service providers used by the previous owner.

Getting utility companies to connect your utilities when you have already moved in poses serious logistical problems. You will be in the process of unpacking and the workers will not be able to do their work properly because things will be spread all over. You will be busy finding schools for the kids or starting your new job and this means you may have to leave your possessions in the hands of complete strangers. Some utility installation may require that you stay away and since you will not have known people you can move in with that fast, you may have to move into a hotel, thus increasing your expenses. Always connect your utilities before the move to avoid these and other problems.

Before moving out, change your address with the post office and contact the utility providers used previously. However, do not settle for them straightaway – it is important to compare rates with their competitors. A good utility company is one offering good services at reasonable rates. Note that although cheap is expensive, expensive does not always mean better and so you should not shy away from ‘shopping around’.

If you are in a house that had previous occupants, you should transfer utility connections to your name before the move. You should transfer the accounts into your name before the services are suspended – note that the time allowed for such a change varies from place to place. Check the yellow pages for the list of local utility services providers if you want to use new ones.

These utility services include home phone, electricity, satellite TV, cable TV, high-speed internet and more. If the previous owner had a utility that you are not interested in, have the company remove any of their equipment or wires that may still be there and unsubscribe to the service to avoid complications in the future.

When moving into a new home, connecting utilities before moving out is particularly important. In such homes, there are no previous owners whose subscription you can change to your name and a new house may be in a secluded area requiring some considerable effort to get the utility services. Failure to connect your utilities in such houses before moving in may mean months without the service.

Many online companies offer utility and other home connections. These are advantageous in that you save a lot of time and energy. All you have to do is to give the location of the new home, the utility services you want and to make payment through the credit card. However, this method has some cons such as the risk of identity theft, use of sub-standard material in the connections, etc.

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