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Arranging the Pick-Up Date

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Arranging the Pick-Up Date

Proper Planning and Organization

Arranging the pick-up date is one of the most pleasurable activities. All that is required is proper planning and organization. To begin with, you will need to obtain an insurance cover for your items. Most moving companies require their clients to have in place a valid insurance cover during their upcoming move. Some of the covers that you will find being offered in the insurance market today include full replacement value protection covers and released value insurance covers.

Estimates and Quotes

These offer the insured liability against items that are either lost or destroyed during the transit process. Arranging the pick up date may also require you to get estimates and quotes from companies that offer moving services. When applying for quotes and estimates and arranging for pick up dates, you may have to provide details such as the types of items that you will be moving, the type of service that you require and also any special services such as refrigeration services that you may need for your perishable items during the moving process.

Keep a File

When arranging the pick up date, ensure that you keep a file of receipts with you. Most companies that offer moving services usually give their clients copies of receipts once they have paid for the moving services. Consider keeping these safely with you as the moving companies may require these from you on the actual day of moving.

Inventory of Items

When arranging the pick up date during your upcoming move, always have an inventory of the items that you own. Taking an inventory will help the movers to determine the type of moving service that is best suited for you. It will also enable them to schedule the appropriate time for their arrival on the day of moving.

Pack Items

Also ensure that you pack all your items when arranging for the pick up date. Consider sorting out your entire possessions into three categories: the items that you will need in your new home, the items that you will not need at all and those that you will have to give away to charitable organizations and homes. This will help you save on costs on the actual moving date as some moving companies usually base their costs on the total weight of items that they transport for their clients.

Get in Touch with the Moving Agent

Arranging the pick up date will also require you to get in touch with the moving agents prior to the day of moving. This is important as it is the only safe way through which you will be able to confirm that everything is going as per the arrangements in the moving contract that you entered into with the moving companies.

Have All Your Documents in Order

When arranging the pick up date, consider having all your documents in order. This will mean keeping an inventory of documents such as receipts, invoices for your items and bills. Some of these may be required by the moving company on the day of moving as they will be able to determine whether you have fulfilled all the requirements in the moving contract.

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